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Go on a thrilling ride with football hero Marco as he runs through the Copacabana with AntiBall.

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Super Powers


Unleash Marco's inner Beast, both physically and magically! Run faster and stronger through obstacles, and shoot fireballs to take down any obstacles.


Switch on Marco's Magnetic field and watch those Crystals fly towards him. Footballers love to earn their bucks, especially in super quick time.


An invisible Shield surrounds Marco, ensuring safety from any obstacles. Like a team of defenders clearing the way.

In-App Purchases

PowerUps can be earned during gameplay or purchased from the Shop, including the exciting Beast PowerUp. PowerUps can be used anytime by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the game.


Purchasing PowerUps or increasing the Levels of PowerUps require Crystals.


Crystals can be earned during the game, and there is no limit to the amount that can be collected. Crystals can also be purchased from the Shop.

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Awesome Features

AntiBall combines the beautiful game with extraordinary superpowers!